Want to Become a Seller on Amazon? – Know The Step by Step Process

Want to Become a Seller on Amazon?: E-Commerce platforms are the perfect place to grow your product-based business. Since they offer a very small risk factor, they are associated with high returns on small investments. On connecting with an e-Commerce platform you only need to worry about manufacturing the product since the platform connects you with the proper distribution channels to ship the product to the consumers.

Want to Become a Seller on Amazon ?

It is easy to connect with millions of potential customers over Amazon.in. It is even simpler to create a seller account to start selling your product. Let us quickly go through the benefits of selling with Amazon India before we get into the step by step process of selling with Amazon.

Benefits of Selling with Amazon | Want to Become a Seller on Amazon?

Benefits of Selling with Amazon

  • Caters to a Global Population – You can opt for an international shipping agency while creating the account to ship your projects globally.
  • Easy Shipping – You can easily ship your products to anywhere in the world by contacting the various shipping agencies available through Amazon.
  • Affiliate Marketing Procedure – You do not have to pay any fixed cost to Amazon to sell or advertise your product. Amazon collects the fee from you only under the case the customer buys your product using the Amazon platform.
  • Secure Mode of Payment – You can rely on secure modes of payment from Amazon. It will serve as the intermediary in collecting the payment from your customer. It uses the most advanced form of encryption to secure the entire process of payment.

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  • Professional Services – You can avail the benefits of online expert support from the Amazon team which will guide you through a stepwise process of conducting online sales.
  • GST Compliance – Recently, Amazon launched the new GSTIN update for all the sellers on the store. Therefore, you do not have to worry about stepping on any governmental regulations while selling your product through the website
  • Easy Store Setup – The process of selling on Amazon is pretty straightforward, which we shall go through in a step by step manner now.

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Start Selling on Amazon | Want to Become a Seller on Amazon?

Become a Seller on Amazon: The entire selling experience on Amazon consists of only a few steps. You also get support from the Amazon officials on how to go about the entire process.

Benefits of Selling with Amazoan

Step 1: Setting up the Store

Set up your seller store on Amazon India. The entire process of setting up a store on Amazon does not take more than a few minutes. You also have a virtual guide to guide you through the entire process of setting up the store. In case you have any problems while setting it up or wish to get some extra details, you can always contact the Amazon team for support.

Step 2: Receiving New Orders

Once your store is live, millions of customers across the world can view your product once they log in to Amazon.in. They can also contact you in case they want to know more about a particular product. It is crucial to add a proper description to your product page so that the customers can easily find all the relevant details for it on the web page directly.

Step 3: Product Delivery

As mentioned earlier, Amazon takes care of the entire shipping process by collecting the products from your place and shipping them all the way to the customer’s door. In the case of a faulty product, Amazon also takes care of the product return process.

Step 4: Payment

Once Amazon receives the payment, it deducts the fee and transfers the rest of the amount to your bank account on a weekly basis. Since the store only deducts the amount collected on your sales, you do not have to pay any extra fees in case your product does not sell.

Step 5: Growth

The seller account is full of features like product tracking, revenue score, and a seller helpline to help you with any of the account related issues. A customised report over the dashboard interface will allow you to keep track of your business growth.

Step 6: Global Sales

You can even expand your customer reach by shipping overseas with Amazon. Amazon’s international logistics’ team will take care of all the necessary documentation for you.

So, if you are looking for shifting your business to an online portal, Amazon has the perfect solution for you. Go to the official Amazon website and register as a seller now.

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