How to Type in Hindi on Computer

How to Type in Hindi on Computer

It doesn’t matter if your computer keyboard has English alphabet keys, you can still easily manage to type in any required language including Hindi. For the following steps, you’ll need a good internet connection.

how to type in Hindi on Computer

STEPS | How to Type in Hindi on Computer

  • Google input tools
  • Type- in the search menu of any browser. A new sight of operator tools will appear in front of your screen titling ‘Google Input Tools’.Windows option
  • Once you see the menu bar in the input tools, it includes chrome, windows and Google services applicable tools. You need to choose whether where you want to use the application.Select language
  • After clicking on the selection, either chrome or windows, you could see various languages options pop-up to the right of the ongoing tab on the screen. Windows tab allows you to type the language anywhere required on the desktop or the computer applications, whereas Chrome is restricted to only browser input of the language.Download
  • Once you select your language required, a blue menu clicking option will be visible at the bottom of the pop-ups saying, DOWNLOAD. Click on it to download the language into your operating system. Also, click on the agreement on the option of the terms and conditions.Program set-up and run.
  • The moment you click download, the setup program immediately starts to download. It will be visible on the download bar of the current browser screen on the bottom. It begins installing itself and so should you allow it to do.Select the language of the desktop

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The language options on the taskbar allow you to swap between your downloaded languages. It defaults to English, previewing EN and for Hindi, HI is shown beside it to the left. Click on the language needed and now you can type in Hindi.

Still, your keyboard has English alphabet keys, but there’s nothing to worry about. The Hindi alphabet sounds similar to that of English could be understandable. For instance, the sound of alphabet K in English is similar to that of an alphabet in Hindi and so goes with the other alphabets.

Alternative | How to Type in Hindi on Computer

Despite all this easy work, if your computer yet doesn’t comply with the conditions due to hacks, technical glitches or any other application already installed in it, you have another way to make it work. This process is however similar to that of the working of Smartphone operators.

How to Type in Hindi on Computer

The first thing you must do is search what android supporting application could work in your computer adjusting with your current operating systems. If not, the application you download will no more than a hoax. So you need to search android app supporting application or similar, as there are many such applications including mostly used Bluestacks, infotech-trains an android emulator that allows you to download and use the applications available in google playstore to your computer.

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Look for a perfect application and download it, accept the terms and conditions and run the application. Then you can search for much more such Hindi Typing applications from play store and download any of them even more so you could download multiple of them for your use. It includes Google Hindi Input, Lipikar, and other well-known typing systems.

Download them, accept the terms and conditions, run the application, adjust it according to your current settings and learn how to type in hindi on computer.

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