Sarahah App is Stealing your Phone’s Contacts

Bad News for Sarahah Users: It Might Be Storing Your Phone Contacts sans your Knowledge | Sarahah App is Stealing 

Sarahah App is Stealing: Lately, Sarahah app has taken the internet by storm and has already garnered a whole lot of the attention. For those who are oblivious to what the app is all about; it’s an anonymous social network or instant messaging service as you would call it that is creating that entire buzz and talks all across the internet and social networking sites. Basically, the app allows the users to click send random messages to anyone it likes, without having to reveal his/her name, thus keeping it anonymous.

Sarahah App is Stealing

Buzzing amidst the teens and adults alike who have found new means of expressing their love, lust, and vengeance to people, which otherwise would have been a daunting task to perform, in person, the app just after going viral, had been in the limelight recently for the ugly and flip side it contains. The app according to study and research is said to have been stealing the phone contacts of all its users, slyly, without letting the person know about it.

Is The News Right about Sarahah ‘Playing the Dirty Game of Stealing’?| Sarahah App is Stealing 

Sarahah App

Sarahah App is Stealing: It goes needlessly to say, that us humans are one of the mysterious creatures on Earth who loves to seek attention, irrespective of our age. How kingly we feel when people pour in their anonymous best wishes to us. It is still under the scanner, as to what possibly made the app this famous. The platform which was initially designed to send out sweet anonymous messages has become a platform of personal vengeance, dirty slangs, and nasty threats.

There have been instances where people have reported of getting ‘rape’ threats anonymously. And we are still to this, and what’s more surprising is that we are finding it ‘unique’ and ‘sweet’.

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But to add to the darkness, the app was confirmed to have been stealing contacts, according to the recent research conducted by Zachary Julian, an analyst, followed by the Intercept who first reported this. It doesn’t matter what user you are: an Android user or iOS use, all the phone contacts you have in your device is being uploaded to the server of the company through the so called amazing app called ‘Sarahah’.

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How Was the Whole Stealing Game Caught? | Sarahah App is Stealing 

Sarahah Messages

Sarahah App is Stealing: After Sarahah’s popularity in the pages of social networking sites, Zachary Julian who happens to be the Bishop Fox’s senior security analyst installed the app on his Samsung Galaxy S5 powered with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. The specialty of the phone was that he had earlier installed BURP Suite, which in turn monitors the traffic coming in and out of the phone. This is the time when he realized that that app had started to upload his data, including his phone contacts and server emails.

How is Sarahah Managing to Store the Contacts without the User’s Knowledge? | Sarahah App is Stealing 

Sarahah Stealing

Sarahah App is Stealing: The app usually is designed to request for access to the phonebook, when the app is powered with a feature that requires contacts. However, the Sarahah app presently lacks any such feature. Then how and why does the app stores all the user’s contacts to the company’s server anyway?

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According to Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, who is the CEO and the founder of the app confirms that his app is actually storing the contacts as it is on the brink of introducing a brand new feature in the near future. This new feature according to him will enable the Sarahah users to find the other users through the help of the phone contacts. The feature as per his words couldn’t be integrated into the app on time due to some technical issues along with the fact that the person who was supposed to manage this feature, had spilitted from him in business. Zain had also confirmed that the app, in fact, stores no such database information when probed further.

This entire thing said and confirmed by Zain might be true but we never know for sure what the actual case is. We hope it better be true and we are not into some serious mayhem.

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