Top five payment gateway list that you must know

Payment Gateway List The application that payment service provider uses to process payments or online purchases that originates on a merchant website, acting as an interface medium between a bank that processes your payments and the merchants’ websites. The payment processing bank is an acquirer that access your online money on your will, either in

How to Type in Hindi on Computer

How to Type in Hindi on Computer It doesn’t matter if your computer keyboard has English alphabet keys, you can still easily manage to type in any required language including Hindi. For the following steps, you’ll need a good internet connection. STEPS | How to Type in Hindi on Computer Google input tools Type- in

The Best Ways to Transfer Photos from Your iPhone to Your Laptop

The Best Ways to Transfer Photos from Your iPhone to Your Laptop: You might have used your iPhone to capture many photographs, and now you want to transfer all those photos to your laptop. Many iPhone users want to transfer their photos to their laptops in order to make a backup. However, if you are a

How To Create Paypal Account?

Create Paypal Account: PayPal has taken the payment market quite well and quickly. It has become popular and a prevalent way of paying for items and services on the internet. For setting an account is not so difficult. It just has some steps that you will have to follow and there you are. You just have

How To Download YouTube Videos In Mobile

Download YouTube Videos In Mobile: Being on YouTube and watching videos is what we prefer to do when we have nothing else to do or when we have nobody to talk to. But if you have no time for watching a streaming video, you can download it and watch it later. But if you don’t

How To Deactivate Facebook Account

Deactivate Facebook Account: Facebook is a famous social networking site that people use for fun and chatting. But just like Google, Facebook keeps a track of what its users search and look at. Have you ever wondered how Facebook suggests you the certain type of pages or people or posts? It just because of that working

How to use WhatsApp on PC

How to use WhatsApp on PC: Released in 2009, WhatsApp is a free messaging application. It is being widely used all over the world with a user base of over 1 billion. The application is the most popular messaging application of all the time. WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in February in 2010 for US$

Top 10 emerging Coupon Sites in India 2017

Top 10 emerging Coupon Sites in India 2017: Online shopping in India is a massive industry that includes a variety of niches, the most popular being Clothing, Travel, Food, Gadgets, etc. There are tons of Indian E-Commerce Websites and Companies that cater to the huge Indian customer base who’re constantly looking for the best deals

Want to Become a Seller on Amazon? – Know The Step by Step Process

Want to Become a Seller on Amazon?: E-Commerce platforms are the perfect place to grow your product-based business. Since they offer a very small risk factor, they are associated with high returns on small investments. On connecting with an e-Commerce platform you only need to worry about manufacturing the product since the platform connects you

5 Reasons That Assure a Promising Future of Couponing in India

While couponing has been practised for a long time in the Western markets, it has just started its footprints in the Indian sector. In western countries, both consumers and brands have excelled the art of online couponing. On the contrary, Indian counterparts have just started with the first leap. Whatever it is, coupons are a