Why and How to Format a Windows 7 Laptop?

Why and How to Format a Windows 7 Laptop?

So, you’ve decided to Format Windows7 Laptop. There may be one or more reasons why you wish to do so. It is critical that we mention here that once you format your laptop, you lose all the data on your C: drive, that is, your Windows drive.

Format Windows7 Laptop

Once you Format Windows7 Laptop, you need to install back all the software and drivers that you had installed on the C: drive of your system.

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Reasons Why You Might Need to Format|Format Windows7 Laptop

In case you wish to take the extreme measure of formatting your system, you need to be very sure of the reasons to do so. You can format your laptop for one or more of the following reasons.

Slow Performance|Format Windows7 Laptop

The most common reason why people format their laptops is that over time the laptop collects unnecessary memory dump files. The collection of these files slows down the computer and affects day to day processing power of the system.

Format Windows7 Laptop


Formatting the drive is a good way to make the computer almost new again and regain the speed/performance losses.

Less Storage Space |Format Windows7 Laptop

Formatting clears up a lot of space on your disk drive. In case your disk drive is full of unwanted software and junk files, you might need to format your laptop to clear some space. However, formatting is not the ultimate option that you need to go for in case of less storage space. You can also check out the use of Disk Cleanup and CCleaner tools to free up a lot of storage space on your system.

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Infected with Viruses|Format Windows7 Laptop

You might need to format your computer in case it is filled with viruses and other malicious software. This can happen in case you do not use a good antivirus software.

Boot Up Problems|Format Windows7 Laptop

You might need to Format Windows7 Laptop and install a fresh copy of Windows on your laptop in case you are facing a slow boot-up or your computer won’t start at all.


Registry Errors|Format Windows7 Laptop

The registry errors on your system affect performance as well as processing of 3rd party important applications. Formatting your computer is a good way to clean all the registry errors. Here, you might want to check out software like CCleaner that help in fixing the registry errors without the need of formatting a system.

Formatting the Windows 7 Laptop|Format Windows7 Laptop

Now that you know the consequences of Format Windows7 Laptop ,we shall go ahead and discuss the most popular way in which you can easily format your laptop.

Format Windows7 Laptop

Format Using Flash Drive |Format Windows7 Laptop

1.First, download the Windows Media Creation Tool from the internet on your computer.
2.Insert a removable disk drive like a thumb drive in your system and run the Media Creation Tool software to create the Flash Drive. The download and creation process might take several hours depending upon the speed of your internet connection.
3.After finishing the creation of flash drive, switch off the system that you wish to format and plug in the flash drive in any one of the USB ports.

Format Windows7 Laptop
4.Now boot up the system by pressing the power button.
5.Once you see some activity on the screen, start pressing the F12 key on your keyboard continuously. You will now see a boot-up menu on your screen.
6.At this point of time, you will not be able to use the mouse or the touchpad and have to navigate on the screen by using the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard only.
7.You will now see an option to select the place from which you wish to boot your system.
8.You will also see an option in which you can install the Windows 7 again on your system.
9.Choose the installation option and you will be redirected to a page where you can see the list of all the drives on your system.
10.Select the C: Drive and you will see a format option at the bottom of the console light up.
11.Select the format option to completely format the C: Drive. This should happen in a few seconds.
12.Once you complete the Format Windows7 Laptop, follow the instructions on the screen to reinstall Windows on your computer and start using it again.
Get going with the format process now!


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