Center of Controversy, Radhika Aggarwal – The Co-Founder and CEO of ShopClues

When you own a billion-dollar company it is common to have your name involved in a controversy or two over the course of business. However, the case gets a lot more tense for the company when the controversy is related to the personal lives of the board members. The reason for this is that the media gets a chance to spice up the entire story till it blows up in the face of the people involved.

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When it comes to women entrepreneurs, media can blow such news of out proportions even more in India. A recent controversial case of an otherwise inspiring woman entrepreneur, Radhika Aggarwal, the co-founder and CEO of Shopclues, filled the news headlines.

Early Life

Radhika belonged to an army background. Her father was a reputed officer in the army. Due to this, she had to travel a lot during her early years. This affected her education a lot. She had to change several schools over the course of her early years.

However, Radhika managed to take the complete advantage of moving around cities. She was naturally an amiable and social person which allowed her to make a lot of friends during her schooling years. This flexible attitude made the moving for the entire family a lot easier. The credit of developing a lot of her social skills goes to this stage in her life where she met a lot of people in a small period.

She adopted the quirks of an entrepreneur early on after watching her father work as one, once he retired from the army. As she grew up, her inquisitive nature, as well as social skills, helped her work closely with her father on his projects.

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Graduation and Work

She finished her post-graduation in advertising and public relations in the period of 1997 – 1999. Shortly after graduation, putting in all the experience that she got after working for her father at an early age, she started her own ad agency. She also pursued her MBA from a reputed university in the US, after which she joined Goldman Sachs in 2001. After working at Goldman Sachs for a short time, she moved on to work at Nordstrom. She often considers her time at Nordstrom valuable since it teaches how to put the customer as the priority to establish a successful business.

After working for nearly 5 years at Nordstrom, she finally brought her entrepreneurial skills to use and started a website ‘Fashion Clues’ specifically targeting the needs of South Asia and the US. She handled the website for a period of 2 years, from 2007 to 2009.



She finally started ShopClues in 2011. The ShopClues headquarters are located at Gurgaon, Uttar Pradesh. Like most of the success stories, the progress did not happen overnight. In 2017, the company is valued at over a billion US dollars. From virtually nothing to over a billion dollars, the story of ShopClues is something that gets as interesting as it can. Radhika often talks about her success and how it is dependent more on the fact of the company being customer-centric.

She has successfully adopted the principles of the world’s richest retailers Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart, and that is what lies at the foundation of her success.

Work-Life Balance

Radhika Aggarwal is a full-time mother as well as a full-time CEO. She is what one may call, a super-mom. She has often told the media that her family is sincerely supportive of her venture and that a large part of the reason for the success of ShopClues goes to their support. She is a great conversationalist and is known to often host meetings with employees to give motivational speeches. She is specially connected to all the women employees at her company and dedicates a considerable amount of time in enriching their knowledge about being a successful woman entrepreneur through the hardships.

As stated earlier, Radhika is currently amidst a huge controversy that includes her family matters. She has been accused of extra-marital affairs by Sandeep Aggarwal, her husband, who is also a co-founder to ShopClues. Currently, she has refused to comment on the controversy and hopes that the ShopClues reputation does not suffer due to these allegations put on her.

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