Best Military Watches For Men

Style Statement of Military Watch

Security personnel, sportsmen and any person who pushes the boundaries of life needs to have a tactical watch on their wrist. These timepieces keep the best time when the power is out or if the government has gone down or if there is the collapse in infrastructure.


These military watches are scratch resistant, waterproof and have some pathfinding attributes. Choosing a watch for military use is all regarding your requirements and all of them have some fundamental features. They need to shock resistance. They have a sapphire crystal with a quartz interior. The two important aspects to search for in a military watch is that it is waterproof and has high durability. You have to spend some money than you think and purchase the rugged watch which you can afford. This will be of some value in the long run. In case you get the correct watch for the first time, you would not have ample money looking for a second one.

You may get a light and strong watch with the bezel and case made from army grad plastic, carbon fiber or titanium. You require a good band that is comfortable for your regular wear. You need a durable band that would not end up losing your watch as you move to and from your locations.

You need a battery that will provide you long-term service and not compel you to have more than one additional in the field. In case you purchase a watch which can be charged between uses, you have to ensure you begin with a full charge.

The finest choices in military and tactical watches are solar powered. You need to be alert when purchasing a battery powered watch as it can sometimes be tough to find the right replacement battery. The battery-powered watches will take immense care of you for a complete year.

The design is an important feature and it will impact how the watch appears. It ascertains how the watch will feel being on your wrist. The design has to be right so that it does not bother with clothing or other equipment.

You need to ensure that the buttons utilized for settings are not there too far and the shape is not cumbersome to work with.

We make an attempt to go analog and not digital for longevity. Here are the 11 best military and tactical watches

TIMEX T4862 Expedition Trail Series


The Expedition is made with quartz movement that will get it on track. It makes use of 16 compass points which work best for map tracking and pathfinding and a resin band implies it will not leave your wrist.

Casio G Shock GA100 – 1A1


This best military watches for men will enable you to dive to more than 650 feet and is equipped with LED light after afterglow and a body that will obstruct interference from magnetic structures. The GA 100 – 1A1 is a simple option for a go-to watch.

Timex T49825DH Expedition

Stainless steel with a pristine crystal is as clear as water. The chromos are gravy.

Casio PAG 240 – 1CR Pathfinder multi-function


A nice solar watch that delivers and fights off alterations in altitude, weather, pressure and continues to tick as the mercury soars down. It has multiple alarms, a stopwatch and many available aspects that give fun and utility.

Casio G – Shock Rangeman

Best military watches for men It is shock resistant and can withstand long drops and has loads of pressure. It is accurate. It is as sturdy as you dress.

Blackhawk advanced field operator


The advanced field operator has to be taken into the bush and under the sea. Miyota quartz movement has the best time. It is scratch resistant with easy to replace straps which can suit any size.

Luminox Evo Navy Seal

It has the specialty in making the watch faces seen. The numbers pop in the dark and you can read 24 hour and standard time with numbers around the bezel best military watches for men. It has 660-meter water resistance and this makes it a rugged timepiece.

Marathon Military Navigator

This is a pilot’s watch meant for real-world utilization. It is made of paratroopers and has a fiberglass case. It has a 6 ATM rating and it adjusts with rapid pressure alterations without breaking.

Luminox Men’s A.8831.KM Recon

A variety of information is on the 46 mm face of the A.883.KM. The bezel is a set of minutes inset 24 hour time and a walking speed measurement. The movement of the quartz is clean.

Suunto Core

This best military watches for men will tell you all about the present conditions. Weather, barometer, altimeter and alerts at the time of pressure alterations keep you up to the second in every way.

Garmin Tactix

Garmin has made a nice watch. It has got auto syncing, tri-directional compass and altimeter the best military watches for men. This keeps you on course day or night. A rechargeable battery powers the readout and operates for 50 hours in GPS mode.

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