Best Led TV in India That You Must Know

Planning to buy a new TV!!!!!!!

Television is the most important part of several decades and is considered to be the best mode of entertainment. The television industry has shown a tremendous growth over the years to ways in which TV can be seen. In the earlier times we used Box TV then came flat TV, LCD and now finally Best Led TV in India. LED TV’s are the thinnest and efficient televisions ever.

When we ask someone about Buying a best led tv in India, the response we get is which company ? size, specifications and then comes the price. Size and company are probably the most important factor that drives the behavior of a customer and then we ask for the other specifications. So we have picked some different choices in LED TV/Brands which is suitable for you.

SONY BRAVIA (KLV-40W562D) 40 inch

Sony is a best led tv in india which is known worldwide for its high quality and premium led features offering to the customers. Pioneering in LED TV, Sony has been very impressive in its 3D viewing also. This brand offers a wide range of TV’s from a lower range of high-end premium LED TV.

Sony best led tv in india series has been able to capture a large amount of sale in the country, which offers you HD picture quality with amazing sound quality. It comes with Sony’s X-reality pro picture processing engine and high definition display with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. This gives you a blur-free picture and smoother movements in the videos. It consists of 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB Ports and in built-in WIFI for the Internet Connectivity. It also supports some unique features like screen mirroring, photo sharing, FM-Radio etc.

LG LED SMART TV (43LH576T) 43 inch

LG is a Korean brand which has surpassed many of the major brands like Toshiba, Onida etc. in terms of market share of total no of products sold. LG is known for its curved LED TV. The picture and sound quality are quite impressive. LG has always strived for the advancement in the LED TV’s offering features like 3D viewing, Blu-ray recording and many more. It comes in different sizes and variants.

This LG best led tv in India comes with a high definition display with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels and has an inbuilt 20 W speaker which gives you a rich and powerful sound that gives you a joy of listening. This TV can connect to the internet through inbuilt wifi allowing you to watch your favorite shows online. It comes with the clear voice that can remove background sounds from the speech. This TV comes with smart energy saving mode which consumes less power. It also features a miracast technology which allows your mobile/tablet content on the bigger screen for better view. It comes with HDMI and USB ports and has LAN connectivity also.

SAMSUNG BASIC SMART (40M5100) Full HD LED 40 inch

Leaving all brands behind, Samsung is one of the most successful LED TV brand in terms of its sale. The major reason for its success is the uniqueness of the design and the features it provides at very affordable rates to their customers. These TV provided by Samsung have high-end technology like protection from light and humid.

This Samsung smart TV provides an HD display of 1920 X 1080 pixels with 20w output speaker for better sound. You can enjoy the view with a refined picture quality with reduced noise and interference. You can use Screen mirroring feature wirelessly on this TV. This best led tv in india allows you to transfer TV sound to mobile for less disturbance. It also features Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to pair your smartphone or speaker to enjoy uninterrupted music.


This Japanese brand well known for its innovation and technology. This brand offers the features like voice guiding system, WIFI connectivity, USB sharing and other latest features to enjoy the picture quality at home. Panasonic has the best customer support which helps to make life easy for its customers.

This best led tv in india offers a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels with full HD display. It comes with super bright panel plus technology for the clearer pictures with efficient backlighting system. This TV lets you connect internet to watch your favorite content online. It comes with Vivid digital Pro-colour processing technology which makes color, brightness, and sharpness of content better. It consists of two speakers which are complemented by DTS surround sound technology and refresh rate of 100 Hz.

TCLFULL HD LED TV (L39D2900) 39 inch

This best led tv in india Chinese company provides very affordably and high quality LED TV. It believes in providing best to its customers. In 2010, TCL was the third highest television producer in the world. It surely will gain the market share in the coming future.

This best led tv in india Comes with Ultra slim frame that blends beautifully with your house’s interior design while the ample device connectivity lets you share your TV’s content. It has dynamic picture enhancement which makes the images on screen look lifelike. This best-led tv in India gives you an HD resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. It’s led backlight helps to enhance the contrast level. It has multiple device connectivities as it has USB ports and HDMI ports.


Kodak is the new brand in the LED TVs but known for its cameras and printers. It is known for its HD LED TV at affordable rates.

This best-led tv in India comes with the advanced processor which features intuitive interface. It comes with Dynamic picture advancement technology which has 40 inch HD display with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. This LED also features wide viewing angle that ensures the on the screen display at an angle up to 178 degrees. This TV has A+ Samsung display panel and back panel made of a metal alloy. It contains multiple USB and HDMI ports and inbuilt WIFI Technology.

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