The Best Bluetooth Speakers You Can Buy for Rs. 2000 and Less

The Best Bluetooth Speakers You Can Buy for Rs. 2000 and Less|Bluetooth Speaker

Ever since Bluetooth Speaker emerged, they have seen an ever-increasing demand. Bluetooth speakers offer a ton of advantages over regular speakers. They tend to be incredibly portable, so you can carry them around almost anywhere.

Bluetooth Speaker


They can be charged using ordinary smartphone chargers, or even through your PC or laptop’s USB slots. They generally have pretty decent standby time, and most importantly, they don’t sound bad at all.
Nowadays, there is a wide variety of Bluetooth speakers in the market. There are the grand, expensive ones, but if you operate on a strict budget, there are plenty of cheaper ones you can choose from too.
Here are some of the best Bluetooth speakers available for Rs. 2000 or less!

JBL GO | Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Go is probably India’s favourite Bluetooth speaker. Its popularity seems to increase with every passing day, and that is no surprise considering the low price point for such a quality product. The JBL Go looks amazing too, and you can pick from five available colours; black, blue, pink, red, and white.

Bluetooth Speaker
Even though the speaker might look small at first glance, it packs quite a loud punch with its sound. Even though its bass could have been better, there are no complaints when you consider that you get such a great Bluetooth speaker for under Rs. 2000. The speaker also has a 3.5 mm audio jack, and a built-in microphone that allows you to attend to calls even when your phone is connected to it.

BoAt Stone 600 | Bluetooth Speaker

The boAt Stone 600 is an absolute beast, and it is one of the standout Bluetooth speakers in and around the Rs. 2000 mark. Apart from boasting of a really powerful sound that is good enough to rock any party, it is waterproof! Yes, the boAt Stone 600 can float on water, and it is also shock and dust proof.

Bluetooth Speaker

So many features within Rs. 2000 is incredible, and even though the boAt stone 600 doesn’t have a built in microphone for telephonic conversations while the speaker is attached to your phone, it is an incredible purchase.

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Portronics Sound Pot POR 280 |Bluetooth Speaker

The Portronics Sound Pot looks like a really small flower pot. However, it is surprisingly powerful in terms of its sound, and it has a lot of bass for its size.

Bluetooth Speaker

The rubber finish on the speaker’s exterior ensures that it grips flat surfaces nicely. The device is incredibly portable too, thanks to its 180g weight. The only downside of this speaker is probably the fact that it does not have any native controls; it has to be controlled through the phone.

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Portronics POR 568 Posh | Bluetooth Speaker

Portronics has served up some really nice Bluetooth speakers in the recent past, and the POR 568 Posh is yet another example of the good work that the company has been putting into its Bluetooth speakers. The highlight of this particular speaker is its stunning build quality.

Bluetooth Speaker

It is tough, rugged, and its sound is simply exemplary. Generally, Bluetooth speakers under Rs. 2000 aren’t really known for their amazing sound, but the POR 568 Posh really does a good job in producing a sound that is balanced. When you connect this speaker to a PC, it automatically transforms into a USB speaker for the PC.

BoAt Stone 200| Bluetooth Speaker

The boAT Stone 200 is probably the cheapest Bluetooth speaker featured in this particular article. Even though the speaker is not amazing in terms of its sound, it makes up for it with its portability and its toughness. The boAt Stone is incredibly small, and you can carry it around with you in your pocket, which makes it perfect for an adventure trip.

Bluetooth Speaker

Like the Stone 600, this speaker is dust, shock and waterproof as well. The highlight of the boAt Stone 200 is undoubtedly its battery life. Once the battery is fully charged, it can give you uninterrupted music for almost 10 hours!


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