360 Degree Camera Review

360 Degree Camera 

A normal camera shoots a picture however but in one quadruple making, it looks only two dimensional even in the pictures with high-perceptions. And the same with high-quality DSLRs, it does nothing more than a better definition clarity of a shot. But what if we need to capture the whole scenario in front of our eyes, it’s just like our eyes have an all sides visions, though blur and focused on one part we want to see,  it consists of the whole end to end perception until eyes rolls; there are 360 degree cameras to help with this situation.

360 degree camera

Where a normal camera, high-megapixel camera or DSLR capture a shot maybe in 2 or 3dimensions, it still looks 2-dimensional lamina; a 360degree camera could make tangible of three dimensions in just a 2-dimensional screen. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Ricoh Theta S | 360 Degree Camera

360 degree camera

With so many 360 degree camera available in the market, both physical and virtual, the experts try all of ’em, picks only Ricoh Theta S as the best 360 degree camera of this generation. With comfortable handheld design, simple operation and dual lenses of sphere coverage potential make it more convenient. The easy part is its one-button access and clicks that allow to shoot the most advanced shots and later sharing is similarly easy. Placate features with Wi-Fi connectivity could trigger the camera remotely from any device using the respective apps. The two wide angled lens shoot in high-resolution. The irony is that this one is the eye of cameras.

360fly 4k | 360 Degree Camera

360 degree camera

Limited to 240 degree  vertical view, this compact, water resistant camera lens shoots in 4K resolution and also stores GPS data.

For one of the best 4K resolution captures, there is a built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, electronic compass, non-assisted GPS and eight times more the internal memory, 360fly 4K captures only 240° of vertical visibility, simply pertaining that captured images will either be missing chunk of the sky, ground or any other natural phenomenon.

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Samsung Gear 360 (2017 edition)| 360 Degree Camera

360 degree camera

First the smart gear watch, then the face detection feature later retina scanner, Samsung has never seized to amaze us with the new variety of products and now it’s experts’ advised 360 degree camera

The users express the joy of using it and delivering good quality images, also one of the best external controls of the models.

Experts would have made it its first choice for the compatibility. The new edition of this model now operates with iPhones, however with certain limits. To make it fully functional, you’ll need quite more than few of Samsung Android smartphones.

We cannot say that this type of photography or videography is new, but Walt Disney produced nine of such motion pictures in the 1950s to create a 360 degree camera circle-vision. Well, the agreeable part is technology isn’t same the either. Its new cause compared to the previous approach it is handy and could carry it in a palm. Anyways the cameras are still evolving to a better extent that could be possible.

You could take a picture while you hike to the top of the mountain, landscape tours or maybe a historical place. The 360 degree camera are now used in every new aspect and the previous ones.


In spite of the various choices and appreciable products, experts chose Rich Theta S as their first choice. They found the camera delivering good color reproduction in diverse light conditions. Low light shots were throttling. The Theta S app on the mobiles makes automatic regulation changes with respect to the camera details and pictures such as the adjustment in shutter speed, ISO priority mode, white balance and color temperature.

The Ricoh Theta S not only provides you the standard rating for battery life but estimates that exposures as well. The long-lasting durable battery has never been an issue.

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The unforgettable limitation of Ricoh Theta S is lack of 4K video. The recording could be experienced on a mobile phone or a normally connected television but not on the 65 inch 4K TV. As it uses dual-lens technology, it creates a stitched scenario where overlapping of edges is few a times visible. It may sometimes be distracting but the algorithmic perfections make anyone to hardly notice it.

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